Club Programs

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Tucson is dedicated to ensuring that all of Tucson’s youth have greater access to caring staff, quality programs and safe clubs that will enhance their lives and shape their futures. The following are some of the more than 40 programs the Club offers throughout the year. The clubhouses offer programs in five core areas:


Keystone Service Club & National Conference
Teens meet weekly to discuss youth issues, learn leadership & communication skills, and coordinate community service projects. Youth attend an annual State Conference with other teens from Arizona.

Junior Leader Service Club
Youth, ages 10-12, are trained in leadership skills & communication skills. Participants perform service hours in the club and their community while learning life skills.

“Youth of the Year” College Scholarship  (more info)
Members, ages 16-18, compete to be selected as the Boy or Girl of the Year for their clubhouse. The winners from each clubhouse compete to be the “Youth of the Year.” Each youth receives a four semester scholarship to Pima Community College, valued at $2,000.


Club Tech! Computer Education Program
Throughout the year programs are run in the areas of web design, graphic design, productivity software, digital music making, digital movie making, and digital photography. Participants learn how to use digital cameras, the Internet, receive assistance with their homework and have fun using the newest educational software.

Help-A-Kid (HAK) Job Training Program
The program teaches job training skills by giving teens hands-on work experience in the Clubs. Youth Development Specialists help teens explore career options, learn resume writing skills, and how to embrace a positive work ethic, while building their self–esteem and confidence.

POWER Hour! Homework Help Program
Offered throughout the school year, staff and volunteers help kids achieve their educational goals. Members receive help with schoolwork and can increase their literacy skills by working on “POWER Pages.”


This successful prevention program uses a team approach of volunteers, peers and staff to teach youth the skills they need to identify and resist peer, social and media pressures. During the ten-week program participants are taught decision-making, coping, problem solving, resistance skills and techniques.


Arts & Crafts Program
An instructor offers a variety of projects on a daily basis. Members are offered opportunities to learn to work with clay, paper mache, beads, paints, pencils, leather and other materials. Members have opportunities to display their work in the Clubs and make seasonal gifts for their family and friends.


We offer a number of recreational and sports related activities including basketball leagues, cheerleading, volleyball, games room activities, teen dances, holiday parties, and indoor and outdoor activities.

Much thanks to Rollin for Ninos and Buffalo Wild Wings All Stars for supporting our cheerleading programs.