BGCT Makes Changes for a Stonger Board

by Kelle Maslyn

In order to make the board of directors for the Boys & Girls Clubs stronger, the Board Development Committee has been looking at the way new board members are recruited and brought on board.

Recently the Board Development Committee has started a classification survey to determine what business and professions are represented on the board.  Once the committee has this, they can use it in the recruiting process to help diversify the board and point out industries that should be targeted for board membership.

The Board Development Committee is also revamping the onboarding process for new board members to get them engaged more quickly.  With the current process, a prospective board member could attend an orientation and have to wait nearly two months before the next board meeting to be accepted.  Under the new process, the board will have 14 days to comment on a prospective member after that person attends the board orientation.  This way the executive committee or the board as a whole can vote on the prospect and membership can be offered within one month of the board orientation meeting.

We are grateful to Board Development Committee members Tom Robertson and Vance Falbaum for the time they have spent to make the Boys & Girls Club Board the best there is!