Boys & Girls Clubs of Tucson connected fifteen (15) of its Club members, who have navigated adversity and struggles in their young lives, with the Pictures of Hope Program. A picture can be worth more than a thousand words, a picture can spark hope.

Award-winning Tucsonan, photojournalist and author, Linda Solomon, has helped Tucson youth navigate and share their feelings through photography for nine consecutive years. But this year, there is a different need. “We are all going through a challenging and frightening time,” expressed Linda Solomon, “it is so very important to give young people the opportunity to express THEIR feelings.”

The youth Club members were asked to write and photograph “MY HOPE FOR AMERICA.”  Noted people in the Tucson community guided the children as mentors in an online zoom lesson. Each child was also gifted their own digital camera donated by Walgreens and immediately following their lesson, went off on a poignant photo assignment to share in words and photographs their heartfelt hopes for our country.

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