Character & Leadership

Character & Leadership

Torch Club

Torch Clubs are designed to meet the special needs of adolescents at a critical stage in their lives.

A Torch Club is a powerful vehicle for boys and girls ages 10-13 to strengthen their 21st-century leadership skills, character and integrity. Members elect officers and collaborate on projects beneficial to the club and community.

Keystone Club

Keystone Clubs provide leadership development opportunities for youth, focusing on academic success, career preparation and community service.

With the guidance of an adult advisor, Keystone Clubs aim to have a positive impact on members, the Club and the community. Youth aged 14-17 participate in activities in three focus areas: academic success, career preparation and community service.

City of Tucson — Youth of the Year

Youth of the Year is a signature program that fosters a new generation of 21st-Century leaders.

The program focuses on world and workplace leadership skills like communication, goal setting and teamwork, preparing youth to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood. The program also awards excellency through various forms of both local and possibly national recognition.