Youth of the Year

What Does It Take to be Youth of the Year…

Youth of the Year has become America’s premier leadership and recognition program for teen Club Members. This nationally recognized program has a real impact on developing great futures for young people. Through an application and interview process, “Youth of the Year” candidates are selected by a local panel of esteemed judges based on leadership qualities, service to the community, academic achievement, letters of recommendation, obstacles overcome, written essays, poise, and public speaking.

Some of the Benefits and Honors…

Each of our six Clubhouses select Boy and Girl Youth of the Year Winners annually and we award scholarships to assist them in their academic pursuits. One candidate each year is identified by a panel of judges to represent the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tucson in the State of Arizona Competition in Phoenix in March. Our 2019 “Mark Irvin City of Tucson” Youth of the Year is Destsiny Delgado.

2019 “Mark Irvin City of Tucson” Youth of the Year

Destiny Delgado
Holmes Tuttle Clubhouse

Congratulations Destiny! Destiny is the 2019 “Mark Irvin City of Tucson” Youth of the Year winner from the Holmes Tuttle Clubhouse.

Destiny Delgado, a senior at Cienega High School has been an active member of the Holmes Tuttle Clubhouse for nearly 10 years. She is very active in the Clubhouse and has completed numerous programs, which include Money Matters, SMART Moves and Parks in Focus. She is also the current President of Keystone Club, a participant in the Clubhouse Internship Academy (CIA), and is a peer facilitator for the I AM YOU 360 Empowerment program. Destiny is always willing to lend a hand at the Clubhouse, be a positive role model, mentor younger kids, and represent BGCT at events throughout the community. She is on track to graduate with a 4.7 GPA and is looking forward to her career as a Nurse Practitioner. Destiny plans to give back to her Club and community by continuing to mentor younger, at-risk youth in communities like hers, wherever she may find herself in life.

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