Growing into Nature

Arizona is home to some of the most diverse terrain in the country, from its sweeping living deserts to dense forests. We believe that part of success is defined as having opportunities to develop a love for nature, for youth to understand their role in this interconnected world and to serve as protectors of its future. One of our most important programs instilling this appreciation for the natural world has been Parks in Focus, in partnership with the Udall Foundation.

For the past 20 years, Parks in Focus has fostered hundreds of meaningful experiences as participants learn to better understand the natural environments of Arizona through both outdoor learning and photography. Throughout the year, BGCT members can visit regional and state parks, getting out into the world and photographing their experiences. Once a year, invited participants can go on extended visits to natural wonders of the world right on our doorstep, including the majestic grand canyon.

Through our treasured partnership with the Udall Foundation, we are able to provide our members, many of whom struggle with disadvantageous circumstances that prevent trips to even nearby parks, with opportunities to grow both knowledge and character. Youth who grow into adults with an appreciation for nature become more environmentally conscious and enthusiastic to take the steps necessary to safeguard our world and the animals and plants within it. Parks in Focus is a success story we look forward to continuing – it really is making a difference in the world in a long term and meaningful way!

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