Congratulations to BGCT 2024 Youth of the Year winners!

Boys & Girls Clubs of Tucson is thrilled to announce the 2024 Mark Irvin City of Tucson Youth of the Year winner: Jaydon, 17, from the Jim & Vicki Click Clubhouse. 

Jaydon will go on to represent Tucson at the state YOY competition April 6 in Phoenix. He’ll also receive the $5,000 William J. Dawson Memorial Scholarship funded by Jim and Judy Knapp and Carol Lynn Dawson.  

Jaydon has been a Club member for eight years and plans to earn a degree in athletic training or sports medicine at the University of Southern California, the University of California–Los Angeles or the University of Arizona. 

Also placing in the Tucson YOY competition were: 

  • First runner-up Hamzah, from the Frank & Edith Morton Clubhouse, $2,500 scholarship  
  • Second runner-up Mya, from the Steve Daru Clubhouse, $1,500 scholarship 

About Youth of the Year

YOY is a signature nationwide program that fosters a new generation of 21st-century leaders. The program focuses on world and workplace leadership skills like communication, goal setting and teamwork, preparing youth to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood. The program also awards excellency through various forms of both local and possibly national recognition.  

One student from each Clubhouse advanced to the city competition on February 10.  

“We want to recognize all five of our outstanding Youth of the Year candidates who bravely shared their stories and life ambitions with a group of volunteer judges,” says Denise Watters, BGCT CEO. “Every City of Tucson Youth of the Year participant receives scholarships that can be used toward their post-secondary educational expenses. These awards support our graduating Club members with beginning their higher education and forging their paths to successful adulthood.”

All of the 2024 YOY participants will be recognized at BGCT’s annual Youth of the Year celebration in June.  

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