The Premier Prep Tucson Volunteers are the best team you’ve never heard of

Premier Prep Tucson Volunteers are training at Roy Drachman Boys & Girls Club.

By Jason Barr

TUCSON, Arizona — Practices for the Premier Prep Tucson Volunteers basketball team resemble that of a college team.

“They are fast paced,” said head coach Marty Roth. “They are competitive, with learning, and there is team bonding. They have adversity built into it. There is a little bit of controlled chaos.”

It’s order that longtime Tucson area coach Marty Roth wanted to have for some of the best high school basketball players in Tucson.

The prep basketball phenomenon had already swept across the U.S.A. and it was not in Tucson,” said Roth. “And, Tucson has a lot of talented players.”

So, Roth helped start the Tucson chapter of Premier Prep Academy. It’s a charter school with hybrid learning that will start its fifth season of basketball. Prep basketball replaces AIA, or high school basketball, which is separate from club or AAU basketball.

“It’s if you really want to find out how good you can be,” said Roth.

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