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Club Alumni and Professor of Planetary Science and Cosmochemistry at the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory Dante Lauretta

Here’s how Club Members at Steve Daru Clubhouse like to spend their evenings – learning about Science and Design Thinking by playing tabletop board games! Dante Lauretta started a Games Club with us this spring. Along with building relationships with University of Arizona students who helped facilitate the program, Club members who participate also gain important exposure to ways that college/university completion can lead to great futures.

Dante Lauretta is a BGC Club Alumni and a Professor of Planetary Science and Cosmochemistry at the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory. He is an expert in near-Earth asteroid formation and evolution. He is the leader of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return mission. OSIRIS-REx is the United States’ premier mission to visit one of the most Potentially Hazardous near-Earth Asteroids, survey it to assess its impact hazard and resource potential, understand its physical and chemical properties, and return a sample of this body to Earth for detailed scientific analysis. This mission is scheduled for launch in 2016 and will rendezvous with asteroid Bennu in 2018. Sample return to Earth occurs in 2023. He also maintains an active research program in Cosmochemistry and Meteoritics.

State of Arizona and City of Tucson Youth of the Year

Rivera Family – Club Impact Story

The Rivera Family shares how the Clubs helped their family overcome adversity and raise their triplet sons. The family credits the Clubs and its staff for being there for their boys and supporting them in becoming great young men, graduating high school and aspiring for great futures.

Nique Guerrero – Club Alumni

Former Club Kid and Youth of the Year, Nique Guerrero, talk about the impact the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tucson has had on his life.

Club Members and Staff

Club kids and staff talk about the positive effects that the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tucson has had on their lives.

Jimenez Family – Club Impact Story

The Jimenez Family credits the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tucson for providing them with the opportunity for a positive future

Samantha Bossert – Club Alumni

Samantha Bossert is a 2013 Arizona State University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nonprofit Management. She is a former Club Member and a leading of example of the Club’s positive impact.

Vila Sisamout

Vila Sisamout is the 1996 State of Arizona Youth of the Year winner. Vial remains closely connected to the Clubs to this day.